1. Shall read, understand and comply with institutes policies and take responsibility for actions.
2. Shall abide by the institutions policy to value and support an institute community that is diverse in gender, caste,     creed, religion, region, nationality, educational background, talent, skill, and experience.
3. Shall be in time to the institution.
4. Shall be regular and punctual to the classes and maintain75% attendance to be able to appear for final examination.
5. Follow the instructions of the teacher carefully in the classrooms.
6. Maintain perfect order and strict silence inside the lecture hall/ drawing hall/laboratories/clubs and the corridors.
7. Be attentive in class, to bring calculators, drafter, charts and data handbooks as per the schedule of the classes.
8. Meet all deadlines of assignments, submission of projects, records and posters.
9. Abide by the rules of various laboratories and not damaging the equipment's.
10. Cultivate the habit of looking at the notice boards of the institute/department every day.